Phoenix, AZ

We were lucky enough to have 2 great sits in Phoenix. We used to live close by in Tucson and so these sits were super easy for us! One of them was over the Christmas holiday. We have done several sits over the holidays and we find it relaxing to not have to worry about all the decorations 🙂

Our first sit in Phoenix was a lovely bungalow in the central downtown area. It was a unique one for us as it was the first sit we have done that we are basically taking care of street cats. The cats never came inside and got the run of the town. They would come around the house for feeding time but didn’t want much interaction. The natural cat instinct was strong with them 🙂 It allowed us to go out and hike during the mild winter days.

The 2nd sit was for Stella and Luna over Christmas. Angie and her husband went to Panama for a little warmer holiday!